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Over the past few years, Bobby Fame of the BBQ Pit Boys has worked closely in collaboration with Sunterra Outdoor to develop high-quality heavy-duty wood burning BBQ Smokers, Santa Maria Grills & Iron Works Grills and Pizza Ovens that use charcoal as a beginning fuel source. Our heavy-duty BBQ Smokers, Grills, and Pizza Ovens are made of varying combinations of heavy plate steel and loaded with features that produce excellent results whether you are a new or seasoned grill master.

Sunterra Outdoor, a division of family owned Ferro Arte de Mexico, has over 25 years in the metal fabrication business.  If your curiosity kills the cat as they say... check out the manufacturing website or take the factory tours to view some of the OEM projects the factory is manufacturing. As a supplier of large and small-scale metal fabrication, the factory specializes in manufacturing services for steel and other metal materials, along with more machining capabilities for many types of projects. 


The quality presented in manufacturing is what attracted Bobby to engage in a co-branding partnership. From the onset, our cooking equipment evolved with one thought only, and that would be to produce reasonable high quality priced cooking equipment that is a true value representative of the products that we have designed and created together.

Almost every BBQ enthusiast and pit master know the BBQ Pit Boys has been one of YouTube's Top 1% Channel with over 650 BBQ & Grilling videos, 390 million views & 1,000,000 subscribers they are definitely one of the most preferred channels for barbecue and grilling shows on YouTube, Facebook, and Yahoo. They also have 13,000+ chapters worldwide which promote good cooking, good friends, and GUUUD food. 

Collectively, there is no mistake that Sunterra Outdoor and the BBQ Pit Boys have a passion for the great outdoors, a strong love for cooking, and creating great meals. And that passion is what has carried over into offering an exceptional line of wood-fired products that will offer a lifetime of grilling enjoyment.



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We strive to be known as a company that cares for our customers and shares in the passion, enjoyment and satisfaction that our customers gain from using of our products. Our Mission, is to deliver the highest-quality BBQ products that caters to the increasing demands of the ever discriminating professional or individual.

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